Fantasy Football Coach – UX Design

Over the course of three months, I helped test, design and analyze the overall interaction design for a newly released fantasy sports app called Fantasy Football Coach. I was brought in to improve the company’s retention strategy and help communicate better feedback to the games users.

Initially, I conducted research, analyzed feedback from online surveys, and measured the current user data.
Upon gaining this information, I designed a series of mid fidelity wireframes that would help drive retention on Day 3 and Day 7 of using the game. I designed new modules interfaces, including a social challenge and an achievement based rewards screen.

I also created interactive prototypes with Axure RP that were designed to provide more intuitive feedback for users when swapping or upgrading American Football players. I tested these prototypes with different designers other members of the company. I am pleased to see that these changes were incorporated to make it more enjoyable for its fans.