Beast Brawlers – UI/UX Design

This project presented a unique opportunity to design and implement a complete UX strategy from the ground up. Beast Brawlers is a high intensity multiplayer mobile game, where players fight each other riding mythical beasts in short, 2 minute rounds. I was responsible for leading the UX team in developing personas, user journeys and user flows, and defining the flow from one part of the game to the other.

I used this data, helping craft a set of menus and screens that would most appeal to casual RPG-style players, in a manner similar to Supercell games such as Clash Royale. I worked with a junior designer to develop a series of low, medium and high fidelity mockups in order to convey the organization and flow to the game developers in a way that was clear and concise.

After developing this user flow, I then lead the team in coordinating with the final UI artist to ensure that all of the functionality of these screens was correctly incorporated. Finally, I presented an interaction design document to the project managers, including various feedback from other testers, in order to document all of the possible edge case scenarios and the way those can be addressed onscreen. The game is currently in a closed beta, and I am excited to see its reception once it is officially launched on iOS and Google Play.