Effects Animation & Particle Design for Pyrotouch


Harakoa Inc. is a Vancouver-based indie developer that specializes in fun, interactive games for iOS. They needed someone to both design and simulate a wide variety of fireworks for their new app. You can see examples of these fireworks in this video:

Pyrotouch was designed as a fun way for kids to “detonate” as many fireworks as they can using a variety of swipes and tap actions before their time runs out. The developer required a unique plethora of color, light, animation and effects to be created in a short amount of time. I designed and animated physics-based sprites based upon real world examples (e.g. peony, waterfall, and ring) using JSON scripting. Every level was designed for a different city, and drew upon each place’s distinct cultural and ethnic symbols.
The goal was to create joy, fun and mirthfulness for every player, no matter what age.

I also was fortunate to be a part of the marketing for this app, and helped produce and shoot a series of promotional videos, one of which can be seen below.