I am all things creative.

Whether restlessly doodling, or coming up with the next big story idea, my mind never ceases. I love creating, remixing, producing and managing any digital media project that comes my way.

From screenwriting to 3D design to soundscapes, I am comfortable developing and contributing to any project that promises to spark a creative rebirth in its audience. In early highschool, I loved creating visceral experiences and environments for people to engage in. I created spooky haunted houses, and filmed low-budget horror on my first Sony Handycam. Film was always my passion, and continued to be as I ventured out into the professional world of visual effects for the next. I taught animation and advertising at a local film school, hoping to convey my techniques to young people in a way that turns them on to ideas.

After spending seven years in the visual effects industry, I knew a change was in the wind, and decided to take my design skills and apply them in real life. And thus, my work in interactive storytelling and experience design began to develop. I currently am involved in projects that engage viewers, and blend virtual artifacts seamlessly with real ones. I want people to feel, and I use every tool at my disposal to invoke those emotions.

Museums, live events and installations offer a gateway into the imagination – a space where people can learn and experience without the confines of everyday living. Those are the spaces where I use my skills to develop high-level content in a simple and meaningful way. I hope to inspire people, the way I was inspired. And maybe contribute just a little more magic into the world.

University of British Columbia (2006) – B.A. Art History (2006)
Centre for Digital Media (2016) – M.A. Digital Media (2016)